The Critical Role that Technology Plays in Customer Service

When someone says the words “customer service” what do you picture? Is it that ageless Saturday Night Live skit with Lily Tomlin wielding the headset like a demented old pro? Or do you perhaps imagine today’s current crop of Indian customer service reps that are politer but somehow not the same as when you gotRead More

4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid while Buying T-Shirts

Have you ever wondered how the name T-shirt came into existence?  Well, it was simply given since human body forms a T-shape after wearing it! T-shirts are possibly the easiest thing to carry along. You can pair them up with jackets or sweaters in winter season or simply take off the jacket in summer. What’sRead More

Common Procedure Followed when Applying for Credit Card

Applying for credit card may need you to think thoroughly on different aspects. Due to the changing and quick-paced lifestyle of the present times, several people may start ignoring the fine print when applying for credit card readily available to them. Your credit card application may more often than not, look forward to financial abilityRead More