4 Things that Preserve the Resale Value of a Car

Although the demand for used Renault cars is increasing in the market today, the asking price for the cars is facing a tough competition. There are factors that are silently eroding the resale value of the car. However, there are certain factors that can help you preserve the price for used Renault Duster in Bangalore. Here are the factors that preserve the value of the car when it is offered in the used market.

Usability of the Car

In India, some of the best sellers in the used market are those models that are used as taxis or cabs. If the car is usable only as a family car then the chances of getting a better resale value are less. However, if the car can be plied around as a taxi or a cab then it fetches a better resale value.

Size of the Car

Another trend observed in the market is that medium sized cars are selling more in the used car market compared to the larger cars or the smaller ones. The medium sized cars are popularly being used as family cars or even as taxis. Traffic conditions in the city have also contributed to the increased demand of medium sized cars.

Limited Accessories

Additional accessories used in a car do not increase the resale value. In fact, they are considered to be useless extras. As an owner you might have got them added to your car at an extra price. But you may not be able to ask for a higher price in resale because of their presence.

Limit the Number of Drivers

Just like number of owners, it is also better to limit the number of drivers. If you have multiple drivers handling the car, then it can affect the car’s condition.