Working with a caterer for an event: Things that matter!

If you are in charge of planning a big event, there are certain aspects you must organize in advance. Apart from the venue arrangements, you must ensure that a good caterer is hired for the food and bar services. Thanks to Google, finding local names is never a problem. However, we have listed down the things that matter while discussing requirements with a caterer.

Be specific

When you want to hire caterer, you need to be specific with what you expect of them. Start with the menu – What kind of food options do you want? Do you need BBQ-style buffet arrangements? What about passed appetizers? Do you also want to have a few dessert stations? If you are serving alcohol, do you want the caterer to take care of it? These are some of the questions you must bear in mind. Ideally, make a shortlist of the needs and requirements.

Book in advance

Arranging food and beverages for a large event requires time, and you would want to give that to your caterer. Most companies dealing in catering Houston prefer taking bookings in advance, at least a week ahead. However, if you have personalized menu needs and more services in the list, consider booking at least a few weeks in advance.

Read the estimate carefully

The estimate just tells you about the price, but you need to check what’s included and what’s not. Keep in mind that some caterers don’t offer clean up after the event, while others may not deal in bar services. Don’t select a service just because it’s the cheapest you can find. Always find more about the estimate and the terms and conditions of their services.

Insist on a tasting session

Cooking food for 500 people is different than making a meal for two. Before you shell a big contract, ask for a tasting session and insist on trying at least two to three of their best dishes. Tasting may be a chargeable thing for some caterers, but it is still worth paying for.

Finally, work out the details and make sure that the arrangements are made in time. You may want to give specific instructions for the table settings and how the food will be served. A good caterer always listens to the client before tailoring solutions, and they should be able to customize their services as per your needs and budget. Start looking for options now!